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Download Ebook Flash MX Professional 2004

"fv aRhy" 29 Apr 2011

Macromedia has created a new profile of the Flash Player called Macromedia® Flash™ Lite, designed for consumer mobile devices, including phones for the i-mode service by NTT DoCoMo. This format is designed to run optimally on devices with limited memory, processor speed, and display area. Content created for Flash Lite is most similar to Flash Player 4 content.

The Macromedia Flash MX Professional 2004 User Guide for Flash Lite describes, in general, tools and guidelines for authors creating Flash Lite movies. This document contains authoring information specific to creating movies for i-mode phones.

About the i-mode service by NTT DoCoMo
The i-mode service by NTT DoCoMo is a mobile phone service in Japan that provides its customers with both voice and comprehensive data services. With an i-mode phone, users can exchange i-mode e-mail and obtain information from i-mode menu sites and i-mode compatible Internet sites.

The i-mode phone contains a browser that displays i-mode compatible HTML web pages. Beginning with the 505i phones, you can view Macromedia Flash Lite movies from the i-mode browser. You can also use the phones’ My Picture and Standby Screen applications to view Flash Lite movies. Although a number of manufacturers produce 505i phones, all of them support the same Flash Lite functionality.

Director: Erick Vera
Producer: Barbara Nelson
Writing: Paul Goldman
Editing: Lisa Stanziano
Print Design and Production: Adam Barnett
First Edition: March 2003
Macromedia, Inc.
600 Townsend St.
San Francisco, CA 94103

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